How to make hedgehog pencil holder

How to make hedgehog pencil holder

Start with the fact that we select form-the basis for the hedgehog – a cup of sour cream. It can wrap the foil, but when I took out a little bit destroyed, then fractures healed, and you will not find them almost

But I like polyethylene. It is softer and more easily removed, and we are the children that use the material. Top jar still make a ball of foil to make it a smooth curve.

How to take the test – how to tell a hand ?!
Roll out a big cake on paper, but the thickness of 5 mm. On paper it is easier to remove.

Cut a wedge 1/4, but you can more excess dough is not very good.

We lay the foundation. The seam overlap, some water to moisten and smooth. If a lot of extra dough – will pinch off and spliced ​​joints.

Of the excess dough from the folds, to form a muzzle.

The shape of the future hedgehog aligned stack. By the way, this stack is my favorite (I was asked what I use – that’s it), and another cutter of the saw blade.

The edges of the cut at the hedgehog.

If you got no surplus muzzle can be molded separately, in the form of droplets and adhere to the basic form.

Stack determine muzzle our hero. Click on the stack lightly and conduct in hand. The dough presses, how would dent – not tear.

Mouth – pulls over, and that turned out sponge.

Spout – a ball, lightly moisten and perch, when you carry a toothpick nostrils, nose even more pressed against the muzzle. Do not forget the crease at the corners of his mouth – just press the stack.

Once you can do the mustache of a thin wire.
The eyes – two balls, moisten press – two tortillas.

The ears and paws, as well as all details of the pair starts with a single piece of dividing into two identical halves.

Roll two balls, press – two tortillas. Moisten attaching water, perches and press stack ears.

Until the dough is dry (it dries quickly – just moisten) performs holes – holes for pens and pencils (needles). To do this, take the used pen or felt-tip pen and gently in a circular motion to drill holes in the Hedgehog.

Something wanted him to load apple.
An apple – ball, cake, pressed to the body, to make a round indentation stack or your finger to insert the stick out of the apple.

Apple should sit on the needle.

The legs must also be prey to. it is a fungus. First leg.

Now more like a mushroom.

Paws. Roll the ball out of his drop shape, elongated.

Stack perform fingers, press and separate.

Moisten with water and attach.

Smooth stack, slightly dampening, excess water dough does not like.

Will dry a couple of days and remove the base, first the glass itself, and then, very gently polyethylene. Now you can in the oven until completely dry.

Several elements.

After drying (though I have it a little fry) varnished inside.

Fiberboard or three-layer cardboard bottoms. Contours hedgehog, add about 5-8mm., That is, align the bottom of the form. It can be a perfect circle, and .

Wetting contact hedgehog place with PVA glue and cardboard to sit down.

You do not have to wait when dry, take the dough and the dough better color and carry the grass. The dough is put in chesnokovyzhimalku, squeeze, cut

moisten the glue attaching and hedgehog

We take a little bit of grass and anchoring on hedgehogs.
At this time, we are held together by a hedgehog to the bottom edges align adding herbs.

You can add flowers.
Further drying – a few days to dry grass, is that you define by clicking on it. The oven can not be – cardboard and fiberboard do not like

Painting. We start with a muzzle, lighter tone and strengthen a little color.

If you can not disguise the hairs smooth transitions.

Completely paint the hedgehog, is dry – needle in different directions

Now the details. eyes, nose and production.

Grass made of colored dough, but I can not – I have it too, tint, effect more

It is often asked about lacquer – colorless varnish XB-784 (nitro), a manufacturer of JSC “Petrohim” (St. Petersburg)

If we like you, we are pleased !!!


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