How to make quilling zinnias

How to make quilling zinnias

I shall warn that doing the work, I made ​​a few mistakes in the assembly, as explained to me quickly to the words, and collected at home

Glue them in the ring. Scary, if the petals will be slightly different sizes, most importantly to align them on the outer edge and the inner will hide irregularities.

Merge cone

This is the flip side!
I pasted the cone under the bottom row, but it turned out that you first need to collect the second row, and then glue it under the first bottom row (to the cone was not visible).
Although, after assembly, all is not equal to nothing it is seen

Here Olga By doing them correctly, insert her remark: “You did that crater in
the bottom, under all the petals so to say, a number of 0 And I have between 1 and 2. I petals number 1 is glued in a funnel, all the same. as do sunflowers. Then he turned the petals to get down, and a funnel
on top. and it is already pasted number 2. Although the final result is not affected.

The following series is similar to going and stick straight from the top, try to place the petals in a staggered manner.
Before you close in the ring and before gluing – Try it !!!

Like this!

..and so on.

In the middle, the last row should remain a small hole, where we insert the core.
I even had to expand the hole .

Inserted midway! We get our flower.


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