6 Dating Rules We All Should Be Following

Hi ladies,

1. Be upfront

2. Be yourself

3. Keep an air of mystery

4. Say “thank you”
Do not think that just because you are on a date, he is supposed to do all the nice things for you. He is not obligated to do anything. He will do it just because he might have genuine feelings for you. So don’t forget to acknowledge him for the little gestures that he shows throughout your date.

5. Stop pulling the busy card all the time

6. Don’t go with a baggage

Yes we all have baggage of some sorts. You probably have had a terrible past relationship but now you are on a date with this new guy but all you are doing now is comparing his every move to your ex’s. This is no way to go and it will not lead you anywhere positive. It is ok to be a bit cautious but overanalyzing everything won’t do you any good.

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