12 Millions Of Women Ignore these 11 Symptoms of Thyroid Disorder. However they might be Fatal!

These signs can signal that there is something wrong with your thyroid gland!

So, what does a thyroid gland look like?

Your thyroid is located in the front of your neck and is shaped like a butterfly

If your thyroid becomes overactive, it produces too much of the thyroid hormone, thus seriously affect your body.

Oppositely, your thyroid can become under-active, developing too little thyroid hormone, which is not good for your body as well!

  • You’re in a constant bad mood

When your thyroid gland is not functioning properly, it can completely alter your mood. It can affect the levels of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

Moreover, it can lead to unexplained aggression as well.

  • Constipation

A disruption in thyroid hormone production can cause a slowdown of digestion, which leads to constipation.

  • Sleeping too much

If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning it is due to your improper thyroid functioning! An underactive thyroid can make bodily functions slow to a turtle’s pace, making you feel sleepy all the time.

  • Hair loss and dry skin

It’s not even winter outside but a lack of thyroid hormone can lead to dry skin. An underactive thyroid gland interrupts your hair growth as well.

  • Sudden weight gain

Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) is often the main cause of gaining weight, even if you aren’t eating any more than usual.

  • Loss of sexual interest

Lack of sexual desire is a common symptom in women who have thyroid disorders.

  • Muscular pain

A lack of thyroid hormone secretion can cause soreness in the muscles and tendons even if you do not do any sport.

  • Heart palpitations

Excessive thyroid hormone secretion may cause heart palpitations.

  • Loss of concentration and dizziness

Your brain may feel a little fuzzy and you often feel dizzy which it is a sign of too much thyroid hormone.

  • High blood pressure

An underactive thyroid can cause high blood pressure and there are no drugs that can solve the problem.

  • Throat and neck discomfort

Since the thyroid gland is located in your neck, this symptom may indicate that something is wrong. If you notice a lump in your throat, see a doctor immediately!

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