How to weaving Dream catchers.

How to weaving Dream catchers...

I offer you my new charms – catchers dreams. I read that the primary colors, which are used for weaving catchers are blue, white and red. That and their use. Let them be patriotic!

We need to wrap yarn and beads. My hoop of willow twigs, but you can use any ring.

Tie a string to the hoop, leaving the end thread of 15-20 cm. . Winding yarn winding is better to take thicker, faster to cope with this task.

We try to make it smooth, move the coils tightly .

Wrap the hoop, connect the ends of the strands.

You can continue the same thread. Is it possible to bind the other. We go around the hoop, the top thread passes.

Tighten .

Again, we go around the hoop

Delayed. We try to make the distance between the knots were the same

moving on

The distance between first and last knot is slightly smaller than the others. It is necessary for a smooth transition to the second row.

Then I turn on the needle, ie vdevayu in her thread.

Now the thread is put in the middle between the nodes of the previous row.

Tighten and stick to the thread was stretched

Next seredinka, taut thread

And you can hold like this.

We continue to spin in a circle

stringing beads

The number and arrangement of beads arbitrary

One long thread, as required by the rules, to weave a fairly difficult . I had to bind more thread and hide the knot in a bead

Pletёm, add beads

Weave narrows

Here there are very small hole for sweet dreams .

End of tying thread and glue

If there are no feathers, it is possible to make a brush

And decorate them like this or otherwise.

And you can decorate with feathers.

This catcher with beads and asymmetrical.

wrapped ring

It helps sektsionka – turns out unusual and beautiful.

Further, the same principle, only instead of nodules – beads. I took a roll of Threads, №45, reinforced.
First row: bead-bead-go around, etc.

It turns a beauty!
The second row and subsequent: bead stringing, then hold the needle through the bead of the previous row (it should be in the middle), again strung a bead, etc.


And if the nodules to move from the center, for example, to the left, you get here so gossamer, offset

Decorate with tassels and beads.

And second, too

We admire the result.

But if you want to make a beautiful and simple souvenir or a gift for a loved one, the Dream catcher – this is just what you need. And if we believe that he will definitely get rid of insomnia and protect from bad dreams!


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