Here’s What Will Happen To Your Body If You Drink 5 Energy Drinks A Day

Dion Parratt was just a teenager when she decided to start a diet,because she was not happy with what she sees in the mirror.At the age of 11, she nearly stopped eating . In order to maintain her energy during the day, Dion started to drink more and more energy drinks.

Her diet turned into addiction and for many years she drunk at least 4 energy drinks every day. 7 years later, she published on her profile on Facebook what happened to her body :

“I’m aware that now I look terrible, but this is what can happen when you spend all your childhood drinking energy drinks. Now I’m stuck with strings and a massive box attached to me for 24 hours. Before you start drinking cheap energy drinks, think well about what you are doing to your body.  And anyone who is a parent, should not allow their children to drink energy drinks, they should be banned! “

Now , Dion has serious heart problems and must wear an ECG monitor. Before doctors set her the diagnosis, Dion had two abortions. When she went to the doctor with severe heart issue, she realized that she had dangerously low blood pressure. That was the reason for the loss of her two unborn babies.

Experts warn that even with 2 energy drinks a day, you consume a dangerous dose of caffeine for the body. This dosage is even more dangerous for young children and teenagers. Drinking even one energy drink a day, increases the chances of permanent damage to the heart.

Beverages that contain a bigamount of caffeine increase the blood pressure andthe pulse and it activates the brain. If the consumption of such drinks becomes a habit, your body can suffer from serious consequences of the withdrawal: fatigue, headache and depression.

What is even worst is the fact that this girl is not the first case, and  probably will not be the last victim of these very  popular beverages. Unfortunately, the British, DeenVarmby died of an overdose.

The thing that is most important in life, the balance, should also apply to energy drinks. Before a complete ban on the sale of energy drinks happens, remember that they are one of the most advertised drinks that can be found anywhere. So don’t let things get out of control, as happened to Dion. She is now paying the price of a decision she made in her youth.


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