Whit This Diet You Will Lose Fat Very Fast!

Want to lose fat in very short time? You are on the right place! We have a diet for you.With this diet you will lose 15kg in just 15 days.


Breakfast is the same for first five days, you can eat 1 fruit (orange, pear, peach, melon, watermelon,but no bananas or any grapes).

First day:

  • Lunch: 1 orange,1 boiled egg,1 cup yogurt (about 200ml)
  • Dinner:2 tomatoes or 2 dl cooked tomatoes,2 boiled eggs,1 small piece of lettuce or ½ cucumbers,2 pieces of rusk

Second day:

  • Lunch: 1 orange,1 boiled egg,1 cup yogurt (about 200ml)
  • Dinner: 125 gr boiled beef,1 tomato,1 orange,1 rusk,1cup of tea or coffee without sugar

Third day:

  • Lunch: 1 orange,1 boiled egg,1 cup yogurt (about 200ml),1 piece of lettuce or 1 cucumber.
  • Dinner:125 gr boiled beef,1 orange,1rusk,1 cup of tea or coffee.

Fourth day:

  • Lunch: 125 gr cow milk cheese,1 tomato,1 rusk
  • Dinner: 125 gr boiled beef,2 tomatoes,1 apple,1 rusk

Fifth day:

  • Lunch: 200 gr boiled meat or fish,1 tomato,1 rusk
  • Dinner:  ½ kilos boiled vegetables (carrot, peas, potato)

The meat and the vegetables are cooked with very little salt.

The 6th and 7th day you should take a little brake,and the eighth day continue with the same routine like before.

You need to remember that during the diet plan you must not consume alcohol.

After five days using this dier you’ll lose 5 to 10 pounds.After the 2 days break, you should repeat the diet plan 3 times ( 5 days + 2 days break).You will lose 30 pounds and still be healthy.You can eat regularly every day exept Mondays and you won’t gain back the pounds.

Your plan for Mondays is:

  • Breakfast: 1 cup of lemon juice without sugar
  • Lunch: 1 apple, 1 rusk
  • Dinner: 1 boiled egg, 1 tomato, 1 rusk

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