Bouquet of tulips embroidered ribbons

Today I want to show you how to embroider tulips silk ribbons.
We take the silk ribbon 32mm and 36mm red and green print, hoop, needle and safely proceed to the process!

We start with buds: inserting a needle with a red ribbon down bud.

Then insert the needle with tape up our flower bud at the center.

Next to the two sides of the “up-down” embroider two side lobes, obtained a three-lobe convex tulip.

Sewn in the same way the rest of the buds.

I use different shades of red, so the tulips look more natural.

And ends with the red, it’s time to go to the leaflets.

Ribbon embroider different shades of green leaves.

Each leaf embroider upwards.

The top sheet of the needle pierces and display it on the wrong side, the tip of the leaf turns so sharp and looks interesting.

And I add the leaves.

And the finished version of the bouquet:

Here is a vivid picture of tulips turned out!
Thank you!


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