How To Treat Redness and Broken Capillaries On Your Face

Every woman wants to have healthy and smooth skin. Unfortunately, skin conditions like rosaceaandcouperosis, which affect yourfaceskin, especially the cheek area, can really affect a woman’s self-confidence.

Usuallycouperose skin triggers weak connective skin tissueandgenes, but also there are other contributing factors such asUV – radiation, stress, alcohol, caffeine, strong spices, and also hormonal imbalances. The redness on the skin is not only an esthetic problem, as it further can develop in rosacea.

Causes for rosacea are sun exposure, extreme temperatures, stress,humidity, alcohol, smoking,indoor heat, spicy foods.

Here are some advises that might help you get rid of redness and broken capillaries on your face using proven and efficient traditional remedies.

Here is how to Cure Rosaceaand Couperosis:

1.Aloe Vera

Cut lengthwise aleaf fromaloe Vera and for several daysstore it in a refrigerator. Before going to bedwith the cut side of the leaf rub the affected skin on your face, after you have cleaned your face thoroughly with black or green tea. If it burns a little, don’t worry since this burning sensation generally passes after 2-3 treatments. Repeat the procedure for 2 weeksevery other day.

2.Green tomato

For 10 consecutive daysplace slices of the tomato on your problem areas and leave them act for around 3 minutes.Green tomato is known that contains all the important acids, which effectively treat cuperosis.After the treatment apply some facial cream


This really effective recipe used even our grandmothers. Pour a handful of parsley leaves with 100ml boiling water. Cover the cup and leave for around 30 minutes. After that, strain the mixture and add 50ml milk. Soak some clean cloth in the mixtureand put it on your face or on the affected areas. Leave it for around 20 minutes. Do this procedure each day in a period of 20 days. Repeat if it is needed afterwards.


Prepare healing sage milk. 4 tablespoons of dried sage cover with 200ml boiling water. Letit stand for around 10 minutes. Strain the mixture and add 200ml milk. Clean your face thoroughly with the milk. After 10 minutes, wash the face with the remaining milk. After that, rinse your face several timeswith cold water. This treatment can be done each day until you see improvement in your skin appearance.

Lastly, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do not poison yourself with toxins, as a substitute exercise and eat healthy food.


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