Best Way to Remove Underarm Hairs

We all need to take care of our armpits and their hygiene.If we want them clean and soft we also need to remove underarm hair.
You can remove your underarm hair using a shaver or with going to beauty salons,but there are also а natural ways. Do not forget that natural ways are painless.

These are some natural ways to remove underarm hair:

1.Using lemon and sugar-mix 2 tablespoons of leamon juice with 1 tablespoon of sugar,keep mixing until you get a paste.Apply the paste on your armpit and wait a few minutes.Repeat this twice a week.

2.Egg and corn flour-You will need one egg and one and a half tablespoon corn flour.Mix this two ingredients until you get a paste,then apply it on your armpit and wait until it dries.Then wash with wather.

3.Milk and turmeric- You will need one tablespoon of turmeric and two tablespoons of milk.Mix until you get the paste.Apply it on your armpit,wait few minutes and wash it.


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