Older people with low levels of bicarbonate, an ingredient found in bicarbonate of soda has a 24 percent higher risk of natural deaths- the researchers in the latest survey of Uniterzitetot Utah.

The results published in medical journals have shown that increasing the level of bicarbonate can prolong our life.

A team of scientists investigated how changes in pH, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate linked to the lifespan of healthy elderly people. Scientists analyzed data on 2,287 participants in the survey that they launched back in 1997-th year.

Baking soda is responsible for transporting oxygen, dilate blood vessels and easier it emits oxygen in the tissues, which means that increases the pH in the body.

Increased urine pH values ​​inhibit crystallization of urinary channels.

It determined that uric acid causes diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, gout, kidney stone. It also creates a toxic combination that creates alkoxy fungi, which means diabetes and finally cancer.

Excessively acidic pH value causes deterioration of the cells, which eventually leads to serious health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and so on. The fact that biological life works best in non-acidic (alkaline) environment speaks in favor of the effectiveness of baking soda.

The level of bicarbonate in the body can increase if import food enriched with fruits and vegetables or by entering pharmaceutical soda.

The oral administration of caustic soda is extracted uranium from the kidneys and is used to prevent kidney damage in people who go to radiation, to prevent bladder infection, gout, arthritis, fever and helps the activity of the pancreas which are known to produce bicarbonate and most responsible for insulin production.


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