Make Up For Ever 12S Eye Brush Review

Hello gorgeous gals,

I have been wanting to review my brush collection since the longest time ever, but coloured makeup always takes the lead. Today, I share with you an eye brush from Make Up For Ever, which has been in my kitty for some time now. So, how does this perform, let’s find out.

Product Details (From the Website):
Flat and rounded shaped to use with all types of make up on the eyelids.  Its large width also makes it perfect for applying corrective shadows to the face. Often used for artistic applications (face painting and body painting).

S LINE: Made from very soft natural bristles, these brushes are perfect for applying powder shadows. They are essential for fine, transparent blending and are a must in all professional makeup artists’ kits. The light, yet robust wooden handles are coated with a strong varnish to withstand repeated washing. The nickel-plated brass collar is double-crimped to hold the bristles tightly in place.

Euro 27.5

My Experience with Make Up For Ever 12S Eye Brush:
This brush is a natural bristle brush, I think its goat hair. This brush is an eye brush, meant to be used for the application of powder eyeshadow. Since it is a fairly thin tightly-packed brush, it’s best used to pack on the eyeshadow on the lid. I think it works really great at that, it picks up the product and deposits it very well on the lids. There is no patchiness or clumping of the product. I think this one really delivers on what it needs to do, which is to pack on the punch when it comes to depositing the color onto your lid. There is rarely any fall out when I use this brush.

Since there is absolutely no fluffiness to this brush, there is no blending capability. The bristles are firm and have very little give. So, it’s not gonna be a little multi-tasker like a MAC 239 which can deposit colour, as well as do a bit of blending.

The handle is fairly long – longer than most MAC brushes. However, it still feels fairly light in your hand.

Another thing to notice about this brush is that it’s a fairly large brush – meaning the size of the brush head is pretty big. While the big size, allows one to cover more area in lesser time, it may not be appropriate for girls with smaller eyelids.

I really like experimenting with my brushes, so I like to try them for other makeup applications than the one, which is suggested by the company. So with this one, I have tried using it to apply my undereye concealer. It seemed like just the right size for that. Yes, it’s a natural hair brush and so ideally, should not be used for cream/liquid products. However, I use it fairly often for the under eye concealing and it does a fantastic job of patting on the concealer and covering up the dark circles. Though it works beautifully for the underye concealer, it’s not the softest brush for the purpose. No, it’s not all pokey and rough, but it isn’t like cat’s paw either – so just a head’s up for that.

This one also works well for application of concealer to clear up makeup mistakes, be it your lipstick or your eye-makeup.

So, all in all, this one is a brush, which has been used and abused by me. Since I also use it for concealer application, I wash it post each use. It’s stood the test of time so well and retained its shape. There have been no bristles falling out – *Touchwood!!* Amazing!

When I think of this brush in my vanity, the word which comes to mind is – a Work Horse!

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Make Up For Ever 12S Eye Brush:

  • Lightweight.
  • Packs on the eyeshadow onto the lid very well.
  • Rarely gives fall out.
  • Quite a multi-tasker.
  • Works very well for application of under eye concealer as well.
  • Absolute work horse – has stood 3-4 washes a week for months, without losing bristles or shape.
  • Excellent with picking up the product and depositing it.
  • Works well for correcting makeup mistakes.

Cons of Make Up For Ever 12S Eye Brush:

  • Fairly large head – may not be appreciated by girls who have smaller eyelids.
  • Not the softest bristles.

IMBB Rating:

I love this brush and use it regularly. So, even when I try other brushes, I find myself reaching out for this very often. I wish I had at least two of these – so that one I could dedicate for eye shades and the other for concealer. I think this anyway answers whether I would repurchase this or not – in a heartbeat!


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