11 Problems Only A Woman Living Alone Can Understand

Many of us feel and think that living alone might be great fun. Of course, it is. But again, everything comes with its pros and cons. While there are a number of reasons to consider living alone a bliss, there are a few problems too that aren’t as convenient as we thought they were.

Here, I present to you a countdown of 11 problems that only a woman living alone can understand.

1. If You Hear A Noise, A Hundred Scary Thoughts Start Running Through Your Mind
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You get scared because if it’s not you, then who else would it be? And that’s how you sleep by turning your lights on!

2. Cooking Is The Most Challenging Task For You
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It’s not because you hate cooking. It’s just that half the food you cook goes waste as you can’t understand the correct proportions.

3. Being Ill Turns Out To Be The Worst Part Of Living Alone
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While living alone has its own benefits, falling ill is one of the most problematic things. Despite being ill, you have to take care of yourself and make your own hot soup.

4. You Cannot Get An Instant Second Opinion
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And the reason is obvious!

5. When You Are Not At Home, There’s No One To Collect Your Package
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And your parcel remains undelivered! (sob)

6. You Need to Do Each And Everything By Yourself
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By everything, I mean each and everything, whether it is household chores, or paying your internet and electricity bills.

7. Your Security Becomes Your Main Concern
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When it comes to late night events, you always have to think of a backup plan to reach your home safely.

You also start keeping track of your alcohol intake so that you do not get completely drunk before you reach your home.

8. The Partner Problem
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Every time you get a couple pass or if there is an event where you need to go with a partner, finding him becomes another big task for you.

9. Overwhelming TV Characters
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You find connectivity between the characters of a web series or a TV show, and you and then you end up watching the entire series in a day. Why? Because you get so involved in it, and you have no other thing to do as well!

10. You Often Pick Up Bad Habits Soon As You Don’t Have Someone To Stop You
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You often find yourself drinking or smoking a lot, being lazy the next day, and leaving for office without even taking a bath!

11. Even Though You To Love To Live On Your Own, Sometimes You Literally Feel “LONELY”
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Fret not ladies, you’re the queen of your own kingdom and strong enough to face any situation that comes along your way!


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