How I Got Rid of Wrinkles: A Woman (48) Discovers an Ancient Turkish Recipe!

One woman decided to share with everyone the old Turkish recipe for removing the wrinkles on the face and around the eyes, which helped her achieve incredible results! Here isthe letter she wrote to all women:

“I am 48 years old and ultimately, the wrinkles on my face became more visible. I started to notice that when I put some make-up, they look even worse, because the make-up falls into the wrinkles and I look even much older. It bothered me so much and I thought that I’ll never be beautiful again.

I know everyone ages, but I couldn’t tolerate that in several years from now, I will be all “wrinkled”. I have no money for the expensive treatments, nor I would ever go for any cosmetic correction, but I was very unhappy with their appearance. But thenone day I met a Turkish woman, Fatma from Eskisehir.

She was older than I was, but her face was completely cleanandsmooth. A beautiful appearance. I was thrilled! I complimented her and asked what she used for her face.She discovered that she nurtures the face only withpure argan oil (also known as Moroccan oil)andwater. She instructed me to try the same and after 15 days I will see a significant difference!

I found myself pure argan oil, after her advice.

Each morning and evening, after washing my face, I used argan oil and after only 7 days I felt that my face was just like silk, and as Fatma said, after only 15 days I noticed that the wrinkles are fading. Remember, it’s very important that the oil you use is pure, with a mixed one, you will not achieve thepositive effect.

Only 4 months after my meeting with Fatma, my face isbeautiful and smooth and I must admit that I’m very satisfied. There are some deep wrinkles that didn’t completely disappear, but they are no longer deeply entrenched and I see how they slowly reduce. Now, every morning and evening I wash and take care of my facewith joy. I’m very happy because finally I found a natural product that really helped me, and the price is acceptable.

I recommend to everyone to try this recipe, I guarantee you good results! “

Why is Argan oil so powerful?

The argan oil is obtained from the fruit of Argan tree (lat. Argania spinosa), that grows in southwestern Morocco. This oil is a valuable and rare product, used in Moroccan beauty rituals for many years. Argan oil is obtained from the seeds that are located within its fruit. Every kernel is removed by hand and minced into a thick paste, from which, afterwards, the oil is drained. It’s a very demanding and time-consuming process that makes the final product a very expensiveandvery valuable.

This oil is the best ally of the health of your skin, nailsandhair.

Argan oil is listed in the most powerful anti-aging oil as a result of its composition that contains unsaturated and saturated fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid, linoleic acid, and oleic acid), vitamin E, sterols, carotenoids and minerals. Tocopherol, also known as vitamin E, is the most valuable ingredient in this oil. It is attributed to vitamin powerful antioxidant properties and is indispensable in the fight against eczema, scars and dry scalp.

Another very important ingredient in the argan oil is carotene; it protects the skin from UV radiation. Essential fatty acids of argan oil prevent inflammation of the skin and hydrateand strengthen at the same time. Argan oil has a high proportion of squalene, a natural compound that protectsthe skin from free radicals and cancer and help to calm irritated skin. Ferulic acid in Argan oil is a powerful stabilizer of vitamin C and vitamin E, so it doubles their action. Argan oil also contains polyphenols – natural compounds from plants that have regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Argan oil hydrates and nourishes dry skin, helps with psoriasis and dermatitis and prevents infection. Regulates the sebum production with greasy skin and maintains the natural secretion of oil on a healthy level. It soothes inflammation that leads to the formation of acneand protects skin from allergies that cause itching. It stimulates skin renewal and while smoothing wrinkles, itimproves its elasticity. It helps alleviate the inflammation characteristic of psoriasisandeczema.

This oil is very beneficial for the hair too- it regenerates it, it prevents split endsandhydrates, stimulates hair growth. Treating your hair with argan oil, your will havesilky, softand shiny hair. This oil nourishes and protects the scalp from dandruff and it moisturizes the hair root.

If applied to nails, it gives them strength and health, prevent them from breakingandand gives them a natural glow.

How to recognize ifthe argan oil is real?

Progressively more companies use the popular name argan oil in order to sell low-quality products. Lots of “Argan oils” are diluted or made in a laboratory in a Far East country. Thesecontain only a small proportion of argan oil, while the rest of the packaging is filled with harmful chemicalsandsynthetic ingredients.

How to know if what you are buying is pure argan oil?

On the label of the product you are buying should be clearly written: “100% Argania spinosa kernel oil” or “100% argan oil”.

The pure Argan oil would have a slightly nutty aroma it would be silky and it is absorbed into the hair and skin in only a few minutes.


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