Every year dentists in the US perform more than 25 million root canal surgeries and this procedure has become the usual dental practice for a number of dental problems. However, a research from the 20s revealed that root canals may not be as safe for us and may even have a negative influence on our health. There’s a video below explaining this in detail, but let’s look at some of the key points it discusses.

  • Mouth/teeth health is integral to the overall body health

You’ve probably already heard about the importance of oral health and how it impacts your overall health before. One dentist even compared the teeth to an electrical panel that powers up the entire body. Every tooth is “electrically wired” to a different body part and any problem which arises in that body part will be manifested in the tooth and vice versa. That’s way it’s really important that we completely understand every dental procedure we plan to undergo before we do it.

  • The role that our diet plays

Dr.Mercola explains that sugars and processed foods not only cause cavities, but the damage goes beyond. A cavity can turn into something much more serious so we need to watch what we eat because fast food may be the most convenient but can lead to some serious teeth damage on the long run.

  • Information suppression

Our interest in this procedure and its potentially harmful side-effects grows with every root canal we hear about and considering the fact that 25 million are performed every year this interest is huge. Still, The American Dental Association (ADA) denies allegations about the harmful effects from this procedure, and claims there’s no evidence to support these allegations.

  • The importance of a strong immune system

Our immune system plays an integral role in the fight and prevention against all diseases and medical conditions so it’ no wonder that even the root canal outcome depends on how strong your immune system is. Watch this video and remind yourself how important your immune system is for your overall health, not just if you’re going to have a root canal done. Take all the vitamins and minerals, eat healthy and boost your immune system if you want to stay healthy.

  • The alternatives

Root canals aren’t the only way you can treat certain dental problems. There are a number of alternatives which may be much better for you on the long run. Some of them may be expensive but it’s good to know all of the alternatives so that you can make an educated decision about what’s best for your situation. Sometimes even an expensive partial bridge or implant may be a better choice in a given situation even though you think a root canal is the simpler and cheaper option. Consider every option before reaching a decision which can affect your overall health.

If you found this information useful make sure you share it with your friends and family so that they too can learn about the dangers surrounding this common procedure.


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