This Pregnant Women Taped Paintbrushes To Her Belly Button And Something Amazing Happened To Her!

The only thing on which a woman dominates over a man is the power of giving birth. Nobody can ever can snatch the great power from them. But, a lot of women find the god’s biggest blessing as the painful and difficult situation and forget about the ability to bring a new life into the world.

Unborn artists is the name of the charity based in Belgium. This charity campaign was formed because of the  high infant mortality rate in Africa. Their simple motto was- “To help raise money, we let our unborn babies, support African unborn babies.”You should read the article, if you want to know how not yet born babies helped the other unborn babies.

The campaign started raising a high impression on African mothers, and they started volunteering for the program. In this program, women who volunteered, taped paint brushes to their pregnant bellies. And pointed the brushes towards a canvas. The canvas was magically immersed in colors, with the movement of the baby bump. These unique pieces of art were auctioned to raise money.

Watch out the action of unborn artists.

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