What Will Happen if You Only Drink Soda? Read on to Find Out Why it is Best to Throw the Cans Away!

It is normal to occasionally treat yourself with a can of sugary drink such as soda, but have you ever wondered what will happen if you substitute the recommended eight glasses of water with these drinks and consume them every day? According to scientists the consequences are devastating!

Soda is one of the unhealthiest soft drinks for your health.

Sugary soft drinks can cause an array of negative effects in your body even when the drink enters your mouth! In other words, the strong drink acid begins to erode your tooth enamel, and microorganisms on your teeth start to feed off the sugar. Therefore, the bacteria quickly accumulate, which can eventually lead to tooth decay.

However, the teeth are not your biggest issue here, since sugar quickly causes a reaction in the brain that really should concern us. In fact, a can of soda contains 46 grams of sugar – the receptors on your tongue sense the sweet taste and send a signal to the brain activating the reward center which says “More please” and so appears the soda dependency.

After a week of substituting the recommended glasses of water for soda instead, you would have consumed about 5432 extra calories – on top of all the food you’ve eaten. Of course, these are unnecessary and empty calories that will cause weight gain.

Sodas are bad for you.

It has been estimated that one-fifth of the weight gain in America can be contributed to soft drinks. Moreover, researchers at Yale have found that when people consume soft drinks, they also consume more calories mostly because people do not account for the added calories in their beverage. Additionally, the corn syrup, which is the primary soda sweetener, it is not metabolized in the body the same way as other sugars are.

The large amount of sugar in soft drinks leads to insulin disorders, resulting in diabetes. Scientists believe that reducing the amount of sugar in drinks could prevent million cases of obesity.

Does this mean that we should turn to diet soda instead?

Not really. Researches have shown that there is still a link between artificial sweeteners and weight gain, although these sweeteners add virtually no calories to your diet. Namely, the sweet taste from the sweeteners increases our appetite, not to mention the fact that people who drink diet drinks allow themselves to eat more because they believe they’ve already reduced their calories.

But, did you know that soft drinks can speed up the aging too? Telomeres are protective “caps” that are at the end of our chromosomes, which shorten over time – that’s why we age. Certain foods can accelerate telomere shortening, and soft drinks can shorten them as fast as active smoking!

What will happen if we drink 2 liters of soft drinks every day?

Well, one woman did exactly that for 16 years until she ended in the hospital at age 32. Although she didn’t have a family history of heart problems, she suffered from arrhythmia and doctors found that she was severely deficient in potassium.

It is unsurprising that fructose and caffeine can lead to potassium loss through urine and diarrhea.

Fortunately, she quit consuming soda and recovered in no time.

We recommend you do the same before it’s too late!


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