L’Oreal Paris 101 Rose Petal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss Review

Skin tone: Fair, normal skin

I bought two shades of the glam shine gloss from L’Oreal. I have already reviewed the shade Juicy Grape so here’s the review of the other shade, rose petal.

Price: 450 INR for 2.5g
Product Description:
• Glam shine balmy gloss chunky crayon create ultimate shine while doubling as a balm for everyday beautiful lips
• The glam shine formula contains hydrating properties to moisturize lips
• Lips feel moisturized, look shiny with a sheer fresh looking color pay off
• Look chic and carry yourself with panache this party season with 3 new additions to the L’Oreal Paris glam shine balmy gloss range.

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris 101 Rose Petal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss:
The packaging is really cute and attractive. The body is color coded, so if you have more than one it is easy to locate. It has a silver cap that shuts with a satisfactory click thus making it travel-friendly. The stick is retractable so there is no need for sharpening. But a part of the pencil is jutting out so one has to be careful while replacing the cap.

Rose petal is a soft milky pink. It is not a versatile shade and it’ll suit only fair and pale skin tones. I just wear it as a tint otherwise it seemed to wash out my fair skin tone. The shade is deceiving, if you ask me. It looks so much prettier when swatched but a different story altogether when actually worn.

The texture is super smooth and soft. It glides like dream on lips. It feels nice and light on lips too. But the smooth texture makes it bleed when layered. But I noticed that this shade goes on rather patchy, maybe because it is such a light shade. But it can be managed by pursing the lips. The pigmentation is not that great; just below average. I need more than 2 swipes for full coverage and I think it won’t cover pigmented lips that well. The color is not buildable either.

Wear time of this shade was lesser than that of Juicy grape. It lasted for around 2 hours after which the glossiness faded; even this shade transfers to cups and culinary. It fades a bit unevenly and afterwards the color clings to dry patches. If I wear it as a tint then it lasted for 2.5 hours with just sipping water. The tint looks prettier than when layered. Overall, I am not impressed by this shade at all.

Pros of L’Oreal Paris 101 Rose Petal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss:
• Color coded bodies.
• Retractable and easy to use.
• Cap shuts with a firm click.
• Nice soft pink color.
• Super smooth and soft texture.
• Glides like dream on lips.
• Gives a nice glossy finish.
• Looks good as a tint.

Cons of L’Oreal Paris 101 Rose Petal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss
• Shade goes a bit milky and washes me out.
• Will not suit all skin tones.
• Transfers.
• Low pigmentation.
• Expensive for a balm.

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase L’Oreal Paris 101 Rose Petal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss?
No, not this particular shade. If you’re pale and fair skinned then you can give it a try. Otherwise it is a skip. But the other shades in the range seem to be flattering, can be tried.


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