Bath & Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Shower Gel Review

By Abirami Suresh
Skin type: Normal

Bath and Body Works (BBW) has always been my go-to brand for my bath needs – be it shower gel, body lotion or fragrance mists. Being an impulsive shopper, I purchased a variety of new BBW variants that were available during their recent sale. I had been eyeing the Hawaii range ever since it was launched, but it was always out of stock until recently when I saw a lone shower gel sitting by itself. I knew I had to grab it before it went out of stock and bought it immediately.

Price: $12.50 for 10 floz (295 ml), $5 for 3 floz (88 ml)
I purchased it during sale for $5.5 for the 295 ml bottle

Product Description:
Golden sand beaches, sparkling blue waters. A tropical paradise awaits. Say aloha to an unforgettable gateway in the breathtaking Hawaiian islands.
Top Notes: Strawberry, Guava, Kona Passionfruit, Kiwi
Mid Notes: Pink Hibiscus, Pineapple, Heliconia, White Papaya Blossom
Dry Notes: Coral Sands Accord, Macadamia, Skin Musk

My Experience with Bath & Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Shower Gel:
Who can resist a bottle that claims to transport you to the golden sand beaches and sparkling blue waters of the tropical paradise of Hawaii? The pretty-pink colour of the shower gel only adds to the mystery and adventurous spirit projected in this line. The gel comes in typical BBW plastic packaging. The bottle is sturdy and leak-proof.

Upon opening the bottle, the scent of strawberry, passionfruit and guava wafts up in a heavenly mix and makes you feel like you are on vacation in a tropical place with fruits, beaches and a lot of sun around you!! The undercurrent of blossoms and macadamia relaxes you while giving your nose a sensory treat. A perfect way to start your mornings and feel immediately refreshed and full of energy!

The gel is pink in colour and lathers well when used with a loofah. I tried using it without a loofah just for reviewing purpose and I could barely make the gel lather and spread over my skin. It took almost 5 times the quantity to shower without using the loofah.

I expected it to moisturize my skin since it contains shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E, but it made my skin stretchy even though I live in a tropical, humid place where winter is pretty much non-existent. My skin felt like it needed body lotion immediately after stepping out of the shower and felt parched and dry if I missed moisturizing it after showering.

Pros of Bath & Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Shower Gel:
• Amazing fragrance.
• Not tested on animals.
• Relaxing and soothing feel.
• Contains shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera.
• Cute, girly packaging.
• Available in travel/trial size.
• Fragrance lingers for 2-3 hours after shower.

Cons of Bath & Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Shower Gel:
• Dries out skin.
• May not lather well without a loofah.
• Contains SLS, sulphates and tons of other chemicals.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Bath & Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Shower Gel?
No! While I like the fragrance, I expect my shower gels to be more moisturizing. I will keep trying out other variants of BBW though.


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