How to make creative clock

How to make creative clock

the base is a ‘plastic watch I disassembled and painted with
acrylics nero.I large flowers are made with cut rolls
in 4 ovals, for every flower I used it eight, I joined them with the stapler
and painted with acrylic black

the full flower petals I made with egg cartons them

I glued 8 on a round cardboard

The center of the flower is made ​​with a strip cut from the roll of paper
toilet (each roll into 3 main parts) I bent double each strip,
I rolled up and stopped with a hot glue point

I colored both with acrylic apricot

all locks are made ​​by cutting the rolls into 4 strips,
colored and rolled

I cut the leaves from the container of eggs lid

the flower centers are made with the base of bicchirino

I assembled all uniting blacks pieces with  glue
and where also he served with some points of stapler,
I gave everything on another acrylic paint hand.
The next day I glued the colored parts apricot.



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