Prevent or Cure Cataracts with Nature Power

Cataract is a serious problem that need to be treated before is too late !! Because of that we collected few of the best Natural Treatments which can help you in preventing and curing Cataract !!

Cataract is a common disease of eyes .A cataract is a clouding or opacity of the lens of the eye, making it difficult to see through. There is a crystalline lens in eyes which is just situated behind the iris or colored portion of the eye. Light travels into the interior of the eye through this crystalline lens. In cataract, this lens becomes opaque, hence, seriously hampering the entrance of light into the eye. Severe cataract could require surgical intervention and that’s why you should make sure you catch the symptoms early and treat them with some of these home remedies before considering a visit to the eye surgeon.

Rosewater and lemon juice

Mix one teaspoon of rosewater with fresh lemon juice in equal amount. Add 1 drop of this to both of your eyes. You will feel a burning sensation due to which your eyes may water. This remedy provides benefit if cataract is in the starting stage.

Carrot and tomatoes

Carrot is a rich source of Vitamin A. Consumption of Vitamin A in large quantity is always recommended to get rid of eye problems. Drinking one or two glasses of fresh carrot juice daily can really benefit you and help get rid of cataract. Also, tomatoes help in controlling cataract to a great extent. Having both these vegetables will not only help remove cataracts, but also ensure the health of your eyes.


Spinach can reverse the effect of cataract on the eyes because spinach is rich of beta carotene and antioxidants. Consume spinach every day for protecting your eye health.

Milk and almonds

Soak some almond overnight in milk .Apply the milk drops on the eyelids to reduce any irritations. It cures every type of eye problem and strengthen the vision.


Garlic helps in cleaning the crystalline lens. Consume two to three cloves of garlic every day. It cleanses your lens like you have just cleaned with soap and water.

Mixture of honey white onion juice, lemon juice and ginger extract -Take: 10 gram of white onion juice, 50 grams of honey, 10 grams of lemon juice, 10 grams of ginger juice .Now mix them and then transfer the contents into a clean bottle. Do not add water to the mixture. Apply two drops of this in each eye.


Bilberries are known to cure cataracts. Oxidation of the lens can lead to cataract. For protection of the eyes from oxidation, food that is rich in anthocyanosides can be consumed.  Bilberries are rich with these flavonoids and protect the retina as well as the lens from oxidation.

Green tea

It is excellent for general eye health and problems related to vision. Green tea can be taken 2-3 cups each day. Because of his antioxidants green tea helps in clearing eye and vision problems.


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