10 Health Benefits of Drinking Cucumber Water

Your body is made up of about two-thirds water, so it’s important to drink enough fluid each day to keep this balance. If you find plain water boring, though, meeting your hydration needs can tricky. The good news is that cucumber-infused water has a refreshing flavor and provides more health benefits than plain water alone.

1. It keeps you hydrated
Your body can’t function properly without water. The amount of water you need to stay well-hydrated may differ from the next person. The American Academy of Physicians says that aiming for six to eight glasses of water a day is a good goal for most people. We know we’re supposed to drink water throughout the day, but sometimes plain water gets boring.

2. Extra Vitamins and Minerals
For such a simple vegetable, cucumbers have a surprising amount of nutritional benefit. One cucumber contains Vitmain A, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin C, as well as Magnesium and Calcium. Put that in your glass and drink it!

3.  It’s good for your skin
The silica and antioxidants help your skin stay clear and supple. I read that you can remove the soaked cucumbers from cold cucumber water and use them to reduce acne redness. Or, wash your face with cucumber water in addition to your usual acne routine to reduce redness.

4. Brings Down Blood Pressure
Keeping your blood pressure in check is important because it will help keep you away from debilitating diseases like stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, or vision loss. By drinking cucumber water you’re staying hydrated, and helping your blood pressure thanks to the 4% DV of potassium cucumbers contain.

5. Supports Heart Health
It’s an unfortunate truth that heart related illnesses are the number one killer in America. A produce rich diet is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adding the additional health benefits of cucumbers and other fruit into your water supports heart health. Furthermore, cucumbers are potassium rich.

6. Helps Your Muscles
Whether or not you’re trying to put on muscle, helping your muscles stay strong is a good idea. The same silica in cucumbers that helps the skin, also helps your muscle tissues healthy. It’s a great choice if you’ve added a strength training regimen to your healthy lifestyle, or if you want to make sure that your muscles have all of the nutrients needed to function at their best. A daily glass of cucumber water makes a great contribution to the overall health of your muscles, and your body in general.

7. Heals a Hangover
Got a splitting headache and feel sick from a little too much drinking? Call cucumbers to the rescue! Alcohol is dehydrating and toxic to your system, so you need plenty of water and nutrients to start healing. Replenish your body with cucumber spa water, which is full of H2O and essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals – exactly what the doctor ordered.

8. It may help prevent cancer
Some early research suggests that cucumbers may help in the fight against cancer. Along with antioxidants, cucumbers also have compounds called cucurbitacins and a group of nutrients called lignans, which may have a role in protecting us from cancer.

9. Beat Bloat With Cucumber Water
Cucumbers are a natural diuretic, which means they help your body flush excess water, waste and toxins from your system by triggering the kidneys to produce more urine. Although it seems counter-intuitive, drinking more water also helps flush excess water from your system. Drinking cucumber water can help reduce water retention, and, as a result, you feel and look less bloated.

10. It helps with weight loss.
If you’re trying to lose weight, replacing sugary sodas, sports drinks, and juices with cucumber water can help you cut some serious calories from your diet. Staying hydrated also helps you feel full. Sometimes your body confuses thirst with hunger. You may feel like you’re hungry, when, in fact, you’re really thirsty. How will you know the difference? Reach for a tall glass of cucumber water first. If your hunger goes away after finishing the drink, you were just thirsty.


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