See What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking

In the old days, smoking used to be prescribed by doctors because it gave more stamina to human’s body. But, nowadays we all know that smoking is harmful to our body and we get no benefits from it. Actually, smoking is considered an addiction to smokers that has been programmed into their consciousness.

Smokers know everything about smoking and its damages that it causes to their body, but still they are stuck to that habit-and actually it’s not their fault. These cancerous sticks are designed to tuck you in and keep you stuck. To be able to quit smoking, smokers need to set a plan and rewire their brain. This is what happens after you stop smoking:

20 Minutes

After 20 minutes of not smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure would go back to normal. Through this time the organism will start to relieve itself from nicotine, and you will feel a need for another cigarette. But, really TRY and be persistent.

8 Hours

When tobacco is burning you breathe in carbon monoxide and this harmful substance bonds with the cells of your body. This prevents the oxygen to bond with your cells, and all that causes cardiovascular diseases.

So, if you cut the level of monoxide carbon on half by not smoking for 8 hours, you will bring back to normal your oxygen level and lower the risk of heart attack.

48 Hours

Usually smokers are less susceptible to the sense of smell and taste. If you do not lit a cigarette for 48h, those senses will be regained and would be able to revitalize and re-grow your cells, and at the end you will be able to taste your food better.

Actually, after 48h of not smoking, your body will be free of nicotine and will demand another cigarette and you will feel nauseous. But, do not surrender to the temptation os smoking another cigarette, because it will get better and better with time.

72 Hours

When you are strong enough to beat the temptation of smoking another cigarette for 72h, then let me say that your respiratory system will get into normal and you will start to breathe easier.

Continue with this confidence, and you will lower the heart attack risk and kidney failure in a long term time span.

2 Weeks

Results show that cough is associated with how long you have been smoking. When people stop smoking for few weeks, then their lungs start to clean themselves and throw out all the nicotine that has been consumed for a long time.

As a result, you will start to feel healthier and be more physically active and not getting short of breath.

3 to 9 Months

Your skin will regain its glow and vitality. You will feel it soft again, since the circulation of the blood will increase when you get rid of the nicotine in your body. Less circulation brings about pale, dry, and crumbly skin. Your skin will regain its elasticity since it will produce more collagen and you will get wrinkles much later.

When you haven’t been smoking for few months, the blood circulation will fasten and that will help your body get rid of nicotine. Also, your skin will start to feel soft again, it will start to regain its vitality and glow and you will get wrinkles much later due to skin increased collagen production.

1 to 5 Years

If you quit smoking for 1-5 years you will lower heart diseases risk by half. Also, signs of a smoker will be gone too, like yellow fingers and yellow smoker teeth.

Risk from different types of cancer , lung cancer, kidney, pancreas, bladder, mouth cancer will be lowered for 50%, when you stop smoking for five years.

10 to 15 Years

After 15 years of not smoking, you will thank yourself that you stopped and hopefully your need to smoke has dissipated. The chances of a heart diseases and cancer will be equal to the chances of a not smoker. The health consequences that come with smoking will no longer exist and your life expectancy will be extended.

Good luck; you can do it!


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