See Which Incurable Disease Can Be Caused From E-cigarettes

Even though people are aware of the fact that smoking is very bad for their health, they still continue to consume it. Some of the diseases it can cause are emphysema, pneumonia, and lung cancer.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes are being considered safer to consume in comparison with traditional cigarettes. However, Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study which shows that e-cigarettes can actually lead to severe diseases.

“Diacety” is the chemical founded in 75% of e-cigarettes, which has resulted to be highly linked with an incurable respiratory disease called “Popcorn Lung”.

Such a condition is known as “bronchiolitis obliterans”, but was termed as “Popcorn Lung” because some employees working with microwave popcorn experienced it first.

“Popcorn Lung” is considered an irreversible respiratory disease from which, lungs create some scarring which lead to shortness of breath and extreme coughing.


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