You Will Never Throw Away BLACK-SPOTTED Bananas

Bananas are amongst the healthiest fruits of nature that most of the people consume. Except that they are tasty to eat they also give a lot of good stuff to our body. When we go to the store to buy bananas we usually buy a bunch of them so we have enough for the whole week. Probably you might have noticed the black spots that bananas create overtime. People usually throw them away without knowing the huge health benefit they have when being so.

Tumor Necrosis Factor” (TNF) is a substance in our body which fights cancer and abnormal cells. The more black spots a banana has the more Tumor Necrosis Factor it will contain.

Below you can read some of the numerous health benefits that black-spotted bananas have:

Lowe blood Pressure: bananas help you lower your blood pressure and protect you from any heart attack. They can do this because they have a low level of sodium.

Heartburn: since bananas are anti-acid and can relieve you from heartburn as well as acid reflux. Heartburn symptoms can be immediately soothed by eating only one banana.

Anemia: bananas have a lot of dietary iron. As such they stimulate hemoglobin to increase the production of blood supply. They strengthen the blood as well.

Energy: bananas provide you with a lot of energy. If you eat two bananas before any workout you will not run out of energy due to the fact that bananas contain high amounts of different vitamins and minerals.

Stomach Ulcers: if you experience such a condition you will not be able to eat so much food. You can eat bananas being sure that they won’t cause you any pain, as they are soft and smooth.

Avoid Depression: because bananas contain tryptophan which then converts them to serotonin, they are known to help you prevent depression. Serotonin can actually make people feel good, relaxed and happy.

Constipation and Temperature Control: Bananas have fibers which can help you relieve constipation naturally. If you eat bananas during hot days, they will lower your body temperature and make you feel cool.


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